Hi. I’m Nat. This is the site of my podcast for MOSTLY playing you my songs.

I’ve been making music since before I could talk and recording and producing it since I was a young boy.

Both of those events were a long time ago.

Besides loving music, I also grew up in love with radio. And later computers. So when podcasts started happening, it was a natural thing to follow. And like music, it became something I wanted to do.

I recently realized that what I needed to do was embrace both enthusiastically by making a podcast about my music. No more being stingy with my songs or thinking they will one day make me rich. I’m too old for pipe dreams now. Time to share the wealth!

The plan was to pick one of my songs each week, talk a little about the story behind it or what have you, and then play it at you. That simple. That schedule faltered, so I started allowing myself to post about other things that interested me as well.

Musically, I do everything from acoustic guitar work to full-blown techno and anything in between that amuses me. I promise the ride will always be interesting. Also watch for comedy bits when I am bored, and guests from time to time.