I will be posting non-podcast stuff here, too, by the way. Podcasts go in the “podcasts” category, and the rest goes in the “Just Sayin” category.

I still want to you to listen to the first episode of the podcast and subscribe and all that, but I also will be using this blog to link to other intersting stuff. Some I’ve had my hands in, others I just find cool.

This post is both.

My friend Heath Lowrance recently published his first full novel (he already had a rep in the short story scene), and I was honored when he approached me to supply the style of music he wanted for a book trailer he was making for it. My other friend Ron Warren (who also designed the book’s cover) assembled the video, and I cranked out a guitar part that Heath okayed, and we mixed it all together along with Heath doing the overvoice in “The Quiet Room” at my house.

Not only did the trailer come out pretty well, but the book is pretty cool so far (I am not finished yet), and you should check it out! Amazon has it HERE.

The Bastard Hand by Heath Lowrance