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The Noise in My Brain – Special Victims Unit 001

Not an actual episode.

Hey guys, this is not an episode, but just a tidbit to let you know that episodes should be forthcoming, and that I am still out here. In the meantime, here is a video I made about 5 years ago for my song “The Rain” from episode 4. Enjoy, and more to come soon.

Also, the method I used to upload this podcast was a little different, and it is the method I will be using for non-musical audio fun in the future. (Remember my idea for “The Noise In My Brain – Special Victims Unit”? No? Go back and listen to the archives and you will here me talk about it, I swear!)

Episode 014 – Hey, Moscow

Episode 009 – Go Away (You Sweet Sweet Girl)

Episode 004 – The Rain

Edisode 004 is up! I play you my song “The Rain” and talk about the other solo musician named Nat Pike, who is not me and I am not pretending to be! Here are links to some of his stuff. Check him out!

And now, on with the show…


Episode 003 – Nix