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The Noise in My Brain – Special Victims Unit 001

Not an actual episode.

Hey guys, this is not an episode, but just a tidbit to let you know that episodes should be forthcoming, and that I am still out here. In the meantime, here is a video I made about 5 years ago for my song “The Rain” from episode 4. Enjoy, and more to come soon.

Also, the method I used to upload this podcast was a little different, and it is the method I will be using for non-musical audio fun in the future. (Remember my idea for “The Noise In My Brain – Special Victims Unit”? No? Go back and listen to the archives and you will here me talk about it, I swear!)

Episode 014 – Hey, Moscow

This week I play for you an almost-rap song containing sampling of the song Moskau by the German band, Dschinghis Kahn. To see what an awesome remix it is, you will want to watch the original being performed in in all its glory in the YouTube video under the podcast link!


Here is Dschinghis Khan performing the song this was based on, Moskau :

Episode 009 – Go Away (You Sweet Sweet Girl)

Episode 004 – The Rain

Edisode 004 is up! I play you my song “The Rain” and talk about the other solo musician named Nat Pike, who is not me and I am not pretending to be! Here are links to some of his stuff. Check him out!

And now, on with the show…


Episode 003 – Nix