The Noise in My Brain – Special Victims Unit 001

Not an actual episode.

Hey guys, this is not an episode, but just a tidbit to let you know that episodes should be forthcoming, and that I am still out here. In the meantime, here is a video I made about 5 years ago for my song “The Rain” from episode 4. Enjoy, and more to come soon.

Also, the method I used to upload this podcast was a little different, and it is the method I will be using for non-musical audio fun in the future. (Remember my idea for “The Noise In My Brain – Special Victims Unit”? No? Go back and listen to the archives and you will here me talk about it, I swear!)

Happy Thanksgiving

No podcast today, but I just wanted to wish everyone in the U.S. a happy Thanksgiving.

Remember to be thankful for what you have.

Also, remember to snark.

Episode 016 – I’m Gonna Fly

The new posdcast’s here! The new podcast’s here! Episode sixteen contains a song about what it is like to have to sit through a boring meeting– when you have a wandering imagination like I do, anyway. So sit back, relax, and then sit forward again so you can push “play”.


Episode 014 – Hey, Moscow

This week I play for you an almost-rap song containing sampling of the song Moskau by the German band, Dschinghis Kahn. To see what an awesome remix it is, you will want to watch the original being performed in in all its glory in the YouTube video under the podcast link!


Here is Dschinghis Khan performing the song this was based on, Moskau :

Late! So listen to this.

Yes, I know this week’s episode is late. I am out of town, and while I have all of my devices it would take to make and upload an episode, I have not had the time or privacy to get it done. It is a good thing for me, but a sad, horrible, lonely thing for you. But fret not, as an episode will be forthcoming in a day or so.

In the meantime, check out this song by my best friend and best man, G2, who has a head and heart for lush electronica like no one I know:

Episode 013 – Mother Nature

I recorded this episode while out of town, so I describe the song fast and play it at normal speed. It’s just a nonsensical rock song that will inspire you to look at the world around you and say, “This makes more sense than this song does”.


Episode 011 – Let Freedom Ring

And now for episode eleven! A day late but worth it, whatever that means. This song is extremely deep and meaningful, so study it carefully. If you figure out what it means, let me know, because I have no idea.


Episode 010 – Broken

Milestone episode TEN is up, with a happy, uplifting song called “Broken”. It will make your day! WHAT it will make your day is another question entirely.


Episode 009 – Go Away (You Sweet Sweet Girl)

Today’s description comes complete with words from the dictionary! Episode nine is up, featuring a song that is wrong on many levels. Meaning it should be louder. Ha! Mixer humor! Speaking of humor, I’ve never been quite sure if this song is meant to be funny or not.


Episode 007 – CPAP

Episode Seven is up, with my song about the wonders of living with sleep apnea, “CPAP”. A longer intro to fill you in on what that means, plus me getting to make the proposal that was so rudely interrupted last week, makes this episode incredibly long!


Episode 006 – Impossible

Episode Six is up, complete with a strange song about stuff that cannot be done, originally recorded by doing things that SHOULD not be done. I also don’t quite finish a proposal to my loyal listeners.


Episode 005 – Sharonigma

Episode 005 is uploaded, and is an example of music created on the Korg X3 Workstation, which I spent many a night hunched over. Today’s song is called “Sharonigma”, and I’m fond of it for reasons all my own, but I hope you also like it too as well likewise.